Copy Files from iTunes to Android

You can transfer music, photos, video and files from iTunes to Android device using the synchronization application, or manually transfer it from the computer to Android. Follow this steps outlined in this article to learn how to transfer music from iTunes to Android.

How to sync files, music, photos, videos from itunes to android

1. Open the iTunes application on your computer.
2. Select the songs you want to transfer to Android.
3. Right-click and select Copy.
4. Open your Windows Explorer.
5. Right click and select New folder to create a new temporary directory on the desktop.
6. Open the directory that you create, then right-click anywhere in the directory.
7. Select Paste. All the songs that have been copied from iTunes are now displayed in the music directory temporarily.
8. Connect your Android to your computer using a USB cable.
9. Wait for the computer to recognize the device Android.
10. Open the directory Android when it appears on the desktop, then navigate to the directory labeled Music.
11. Drag and drop music files from the temporary directory on the desktop to the Music directory on Android.


That’s 11 step to move files from itunes to android using windows pc, out there many software that you can use to move music, file, photos and videos into android smart phone