Iphone 6 Storage Upgradeable?

One of the problems that the iPhone price is relative expensive. The price of the cheapest iPhone 6 units Starting from $ 900. With this price, consumers will only get the iPhone 6 with the lowest capacity, which is 16 GB. The installation an iOS operating system, app and music files making capacity as it will never be enough.


Well, it turns the phone repair shops in China are ready to help solve the iPhone users problem . Only pay 90 dollars, iPhone users in China can upgrade, the memory storage of 16 GB to 128 GB illegally of course. The process of adding a memory that is by “tricking” the iPhone to accept NAND chipset that should not be there. The process itself is done by exploiting security holes in the iPhone software.

The execution is relatively fast. A repair shop can work on the replacement of the memory chip in just one hour. Even so, the process itself is said to be quite risky because it involves a fairly high heat to release the memory chip from the iPhone motherboard. So, what if something goes wrong? Of course, the store will not responsible. Consumers also can not be handed back to an Apple-authorized repair center because the warranty has been void.

So, before taking a decision to upgrade the memory, consumers are required to consider carefully in advance. The shop itself is said have been very experienced they said already upgrade more than 70 iPhone 6 storage

Guide To How To Download ShowBox For Android


Watching films or videos few years ago are unable to be done, but now there is ShowBox application that can be downloaded for free using your android smartphone that allow you to enjoy TV Shows and films. With free of cost, you can stream serials, films, videos, and TV Shows with ShowBox app. This app also helps you to download latest ShowBox movies content of all types in a specifically preferred quality. In just short of time, this app has developed because of enormous popularity in the market. All platforms are supported by ShowBox including PC, OS and even Android. Here is how to download ShowBox for Android

How to download ShowBox for Android via app store

The easiest way to download this app is through the Google Play. Just open the Google Play app in your Android phone and type ShowBox in the search field. Tap the app in the list and press install. The download process will start and complete in a few minute. Once the download complete, it will be installed into your phone. Open the ShowBox app to start. You can browse and watch thousand movies and TV shows online for free. Now you know how to download ShowBox for Android the easiest way.

Download the APK file

If for some reasons you cannot download and install using the above way, you can still enjoy ShowBox with different way. All you need is having an APK file of ShowBox to be installed into your Android phone. This APK files can be downloaded from here. Or You can browse the internet with the keyword showbox.apk. You will know how to download ShowBox for Android with this step. Before you can download APK file, you have to allow your device to install third parties app like ShowBox app into your device. Go to Settings >>Security in your device and then scroll down your cursor find the Unknown sources menu. Activate this function to install third party apps.

You can download this file using your device or PC. If you download using your PC, make sure you can transfer the file into your device to install. Once you succeed downloading this file and it is already in your device, tap the file manager app in your. Find the file in folder where you download or transfer. Tap the file to install into your device. Wait a few moments for the process to finish. Open the tap and enjoy. That’s how to download ShowBox for Android and installation process.

Another Version of Cross Word Game

I just try a new game in my android smartphone, i love to play cross word game but playing an old version of crossword game in news paper less efficient then i try to find a similar game in android. So many cross word game available in google play  but i’m interested with wordcross game because it’s easier to play

This game already has the answers but the answers scrambled in to pieces so we need to rearrange the letters into right words. This game will be easier if you use tablet or smartphone with big screen. Some level very difficult to solve but i found many blogger post the answers in their blog like wordcrossanswers.com

Sometimes i use their cheats to solve the game, but it’s makes me addicted to use the answers, and it’s makes the game very easy to complete. so if you want to try this cross word game and cannot guess the puzzle, don’t use the cheats but try to solve the cross word by your own effort, it’s more satisfying.

If you found another challenging word cross game for android or iOS please contact me, so we can solve it together or share the solutions.

Smart CCTV Camera With Snapdragon Processor

For years, Qualcomm has a strong position as a manufacturer of processors for smartphones. But now, the growth of smartphones considered stagnant. Qualcomm also expanded business in other sectors. Qualcomm is developing CCTV security device with a processor product.


CCTV camera device manufacture by Qualcomm shows the efforts of manufacturers to innovate. Earlier, Qualcomm also said it is working on drones and chipset market specifically for the implementation of the Internet of Things (IOT). Qualcomm’s unclear when it will spawn its official CCTV. In general, Qualcomm plans to launch new products in mid 2016

According to Qualcomm’s Senior Vice President Raj Talluri, most CCTV products that exist today only collect video with standard motion sensors and transmit that data to the storage or cloud. Qualcomm offers the CCTV with the technology more cost-efficient, effective and targeted to users. Not to forget, chip manufacturers that participated pinned smart sensor so that the camera only detect things that are commanded.

For example, for certain circumstances, CCTV will ignore the cars and pedestrians passing by. CCTV can also be taught to distinguish pets and wild animals. “It may be we are doing very well thanks to the Snapdragon processor,” said Talluri. CCTV developed designed and equipped Snapdragon processor 618 4G LTE connection. 4K resolution video support so that the view clearer images.

The List of Download Android Marshmallow for Samsung Galaxy

Several days ago, smartphone users are able to download Android Marshmallow for Samsung Galaxy. It is still available until now. For the Samsung users especially Galaxy version, you will receive a system update into the newest Android system, 6.0 Marshmallow. The list of Samsung Galaxy which will be received this update start from Galaxy S5, S6, Note 4, Note 5, Galaxy Alpha until A7. This is the massacre for Lollipop users because they are forced to upgrade their Android system. Otherwise, it will make Android becomes stronger to face iOs which is the King in the market now.


Samsung stays mum

Although the users are able to download Android Marshmallow for Samsung Galaxy now, Samsung has no given official announcement yet for their faithful fans. They do not give a clear statement about this update since four days ago as the initial download for smartphone users. However, the list of Samsung Galaxy models that available for this update has been leaked too as I said earlier. Actually, this list consists of all handsets of smartphone manufacturers which receive the update and it is including Samsung devices after all. The Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the latest project from Android after the 5.0 Lollipop. The list will be explained after this paragraph.

The List

For your information, the leaked list of smartphone which able to download Android Marshmallow was derived from China. The list is confirmed that we can download Android Marshmallow for Samsung Galaxy devices. They are Galaxy S6 (including Edge and Edge+), Galaxy Note 4 and 5, Galaxy A7 and A8 and Galaxy S5. As we can see, these Samsung Galaxy devices were integrated with the previous Android 5.0 Lollipop. In other words, they are the latest model from Samsung that released couple years ago. It means that Samsung has already prepared about this major update especially for their latest model. Meanwhile, there is also a list in the column number two that claims for the next Samsung model such as Galaxy A5 and E series.

What about older version?

According to the list of download Android Marshmallow for Samsung Galaxy above, it implies that older Samsung model such as the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 cannot make their turn into newest upgrade. That is such a bad news for their users. If this list is original from Samsung, there is a questionable feature here. Why the Duos version like the Galaxy S6 Duos and Galaxy Note 4 Duos are not listed? Meanwhile, their non-Duos versions are already listed. It means that Samsung just concerns to the more popular models obviously.

Likely, Samsung should make a clarification about the list of download Android Marshmallow for Samsung Galaxy before the rumor has already spread out in the market scene. For your information, some rivals of Samsung like Motorola and HTC have made official statements about the upgraded Android system into the 6.0 Marshmallow. Moreover, they have already applied the Marshmallow images in their newest devices. This rumor about Samsung Galaxy devices is actually became the hot topic since last months. Samsung will be clarified about this update soon. Marshmallow update for galaxy will available here

Compare Android Jellybean VS Marshmallow


Now, this is the time for us to compare Android Jellybean VS Marshmallow due its update which available for all Android handheld in this world. Yep, Android has officially released their 6.0 version of Android system. There are many promising features which different with the previous version including Jellybean. The reason why we compare it with Jellybean is because this version was the beginning of Android era. It won’t be impolite if we did not regard with this Android’s pioneer, right? I will start it one by one according the segment which available for both of these versions.

App Tray

The first point of view to compare Android Jellybean VS Marshmallow is the app tray of both versions. We know that every Jellybean devices have rug and old design of app tray. Moreover, the default theme of Jellybean version is black. Meanwhile, the Marshmallow version has different features. It has white default theme with vertical scrolling list. This change will surprise us who familiar with horizontal scrolling of Android system. The reason is to make the users to go back into recently used apps. Moreover, the search bar is now available on the app tray. Unlike the Jellybean version, the search app is included in the app tray, not in home.

Notification Bar

Say goodbye to old notification bar of Jellybean because the modern and handy bar belongs to the Android 6.0 Marshmallow. If the notification bar of Jellybean is horizontal, the Marshmallow prefers to vertical one. There is a new bar called as Do not Disturb which has function as silent mode of new-generation of Android. Once you touch this bar, the alarm and other apps that require sound as notifications will be shut down or silenced. Do not worry because you can add exception for some emergency calls from particular contact of yours and that is the second features which compare Android Jellybean VS Marshmallow.

Google Search

It will be ridiculous if we did not put the Google search to compare Android Jellybean VS Marshmallow. Yep, every version of Android has different designs and features in Google Search. We are familiar with push to talk feature of Jellybean version, but the Marshmallow improve this feature increasingly. By pressing home images for several seconds, you will be integrated with Google Now. It means that you do not have to unlock your screen and search Google app through your phone anymore. It seems as your personal assistant now. Google focuses about this feature after all.


The last feature to compare Android Jellybean VS Marshmallow is asking permissions feature. If you are bored to touching permissions when installing new app in Jellybean, you will be more bored with the Marshmallow app permission. The user will be asked for permission in every app that requires other feature of your phone such as camera, internet and many more. This is the way of Android’s manufacturer to improve the security of Android system. You must approve every move that one app does to use the default features. It sounds like a overprotective feature, but we will be safer with rogue app that harm malware or virus after all.

Copy Files from iTunes to Android

You can transfer music, photos, video and files from iTunes to Android device using the synchronization application, or manually transfer it from the computer to Android. Follow this steps outlined in this article to learn how to transfer music from iTunes to Android.

How to sync files, music, photos, videos from itunes to android

1. Open the iTunes application on your computer.
2. Select the songs you want to transfer to Android.
3. Right-click and select Copy.
4. Open your Windows Explorer.
5. Right click and select New folder to create a new temporary directory on the desktop.
6. Open the directory that you create, then right-click anywhere in the directory.
7. Select Paste. All the songs that have been copied from iTunes are now displayed in the music directory temporarily.
8. Connect your Android to your computer using a USB cable.
9. Wait for the computer to recognize the device Android.
10. Open the directory Android when it appears on the desktop, then navigate to the directory labeled Music.
11. Drag and drop music files from the temporary directory on the desktop to the Music directory on Android.


That’s 11 step to move files from itunes to android using windows pc, out there many software that you can use to move music, file, photos and videos into android smart phone